Chapter 8: Long-Term Care Insurance
Be Prepared, We Are All Going to Die

This is for nursing homes or special care policies.

These policies can get expensive, especially if you wait until you are older. I tried after I turned fifty and it was way too expensive, so I had to pass on it. Sometimes you can only do so much and have to hope things turn out better for you than it did for your parents or another family member.

When we had to put our dad in a nursing home, he only had Medicare insurance. They were able to get him on Medicaid also. This was over thirty years ago when it was easier to do and a lot less paperwork. When you go to check out a nursing home, you need to make sure it will be a good fit for your loved one. The one he wanted to go to was not nearly as good and it was over an hour away. The one we chose was closer to where Lane lived and worked, so she could stop on the way home and visit. Like I said earlier, he was there for around eight years. He went in not being able to take care of himself at all. They had to feed and bathe him. He was not able to walk at all. They gave him the best of care, and within a year, he was able to tend to his own needs. He was able to shuffle his feet faster than I could walk. But his health had gone down, and he was not able to live by himself again.

We had to put down three thousand dollars to get him in. This down payment was to be returned to us after Medicare and Medicaid took effect. We had to borrow the money from an uncle at the time. This usually should have only taken sixty to ninety days for processing. After that, we started asking about the refund but everyone kept avoiding us and not giving specific answers on why it was taking so long.